Oopsie Candles - 8oz

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8oz oopsie


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Product Description

Product Description

Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes the candles aren't perfect.

But if they can still be burned, they shouldn't go to waste, right?

That's why I'm offering discounted "oopsie candles". This might mean the wax is uneven, the wick is too short, the jars got stained, the wax got discoloured or something else entirely.

I will always have a list of the exact problem with the candles in this box so keep checking back here to see if there's anything new!

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(x3) Christmas at Hogwarts: Old Christmas Candles. In perfection condition but out of season!

Oopsie Candles - 8oz Oopsie Candles - 8oz Oopsie Candles - 8oz