Me! I'm Madame Fiction. (instagram @madamefiction for updates on sales and new products)
My name is Beth and I'm 23 years old. I am a Scottish bookworm, writer, wife, Christian & well... candle maker. The name Madame came from the definition which is used as a "title for women in artistic occupations" - which this endeavor is! Fiction, of course, relates to the core idea of this business in that all the candles are inspired by our joint love for fiction.
I started out on Etsy in May 2017 and loved doing this more than I ever thought I would and decided to kick it up a notch and make my own website. I get all my ideas from scents mentioned or alluded to in books, TV, shows, movies & musicals. I keep a notebook with me when I'm reading and plan ahead of new releases.
If there is anything at all you'd like to see in the shop, pop me a message and I'll see if I can make it happen the next time I'm making new candles. :)

Madame Fiction


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